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Paracord Color Choices for Nylon Whips

                                                          Colors Chart

I have added a couple of other colors including Electric Blue and usually Bright Purple to the paracord we keep in stock since taking the picture above, so if you see a color on a whip in the photo gallery but not in the chart above, don't hesitate to ask me about it.  I also sometimes have or can get specialty colors of paracord, including glow in the dark and/or cord with reflective tracers in it.  Those types of cord are extra expensive though, so expect to be asked to pay a little extra to help me cover the cost.

Browse Snignal Photo Gallery Browse PH & PH Mini Photo Gallery Take Me All the Way Back Home!
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This color diagram below is for the Standard Performance Hybrid Whips and PH Minis.  If you came here via the Snignal Whips page, just ignore this pretty diagram of a PH Whip.  Eyes up above, mister.


Although I try very hard to take pictures that accurately show the true colors, please keep in mind that I am not perfect, my camera is not perfect, and all computer monitors display colors a little bit differently.  I have worked and continue to work very hard to take clear and accurate photos, and all photos and artwork on this website are my intellectual property.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Click here to view my Performance Hybrid photo gallery and see some of the colorful whips I've made!
Click here to view my Snignal Whip photo gallery and see some of the colorful whips I've made!

For questions or to order please email

  • These have really helped me while practicing two handed routines.  Since I have been using these I have been noticing more control and better accuracy in my routines.  They crack effortlessly!!!  I would definitely like to get another pair.  (Nick Ammann)
  • OK, I've handled a lot of whips in the past 34 years.  These are my new favorites.  (Darrin Jones)
  • Lauren is a real craftsman who takes great pride in her work... and it shows.  I have been using her hybrids since last summer [2009].  I have two with traditional falls and one with a twisted end.  All have been incorporated into my shows on a regular basis, from double handed routines (the white pair with the white hide falls) to super close target cutting with my wife (using the traditional twisted end whip in red and black).  These whips have really gone the distance and can take the "abuse" of more than frequent cracking and performing.  (Chris Camp "The Whip Guy")
  • Your PH whips rock!!! I found them a little light at the beginning, but now enjoy them big time. Tripled my double whip volley count and combo cracking is a breeze . My shoulders and rotator cuffs thank you for these whips. It's such a mystery, how do you get the paracord to braid so well. Flawless execution, no kinks at all in the flow were the laces are dropped. Such an awesome product.  I'm proud to own such a work of art. (André Tremblay, Stuntman)
  • They are the easiest to crack, easiest to learn new tricks on whips that I have used. (Leapin' Louie, comedy performer)
Performers and Professionals who use and/or recommend PH Nylon Whips made by Lauren Wickline:

Adam Winrich
or “Adam Crack,Chris CampThe Whip Guy,” Jack DaggerThe King of Fling,” “Leapin’ LouieDavid Lichtenstein, Loop Rawlins, “Twisthead SiSimon Ratzker, The Don Juan and Miguel Show, Jeffrey Robinson, Sylvia Rosat, Adam Solko, Todd Rex, Dan “Bullwhip” Borton, John Leonetti, Amy 'Scarlett' Rosvally, Santi from Rumpus, Judy Taylor, Jacob D. Guinn, Andre Tremblay, Amanda Zwar

For questions or to order please email
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